The first blockchain that repays your debt


Build with

Introducing self-repaying loans you can build on. A new finanical primitive where network fees fuel a better onchain experience.


Powered by
Proof of Repayment

PoR is a mechanism designed to programmatically reward anyone who repays the loans of Supercollateral borrowers.


A Culture
of Contribution

At the heart of Superseed lies the empowerment of builders. Contributing to the ecosystem is not just encouraged—it’s rewarded.



Charged by Optimism, we envision a future of a composable and unified collective driven by an open-source ethos. As we move forward, Superseed will be part of defining this future.

Supercollateral: a new

Burn debt, not capital

Super Collateral Diagram

Together we superseed*

Superseed is designed for collective growth.

Scaling Ethereum Optimistically

Deploy conveniently. Superseed is built on the OP-stack and natively EVM-equivalent. Ethereum applications can seamlessly deploy to Superseed without any changes using the same tooling and infrastructure.

Supporting The Builders Of Tomorrow

We offer our full support for those building our onchain frontier. Eager to build with us? Get in touch through our channels below!

Community Is Our Cornerstone

We welcome people from all corners of the internet. As a part of our community, you're actively shaping the future of crypto with us.

Grow with us

Great communities can’t be forked